Tivoli Winter Saturdays: Dancing on Ice

Every Saturday evening during Winter in Tivoli and on Valentine’s Day on 14th February, you can from 8:00-10:00 PM take your girlfriend/boyfriend, grandfather, aunt or best friend under your arm, and skate down the road to the skating rink in Tivoli.

The Nimb Hotel’s adventurous backdrop forms the frame for a fabulous evening on ice. Light and music are specially formulated to create magic on an evening dedicated to your dreams and fantasies. The first hour of Ice Dance under the stars showcases an ice dance couple from Skate Club Copenhagen, and everyone is welcome to join them and maybe learn a few steps.

There are a limited number of places on the ice – so come in time if you want to be ice skating under the stars. Note that the ice skating rink is open until . 10:0) PM on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday February 14th, but entrance to Tivoli closes at 9:00 PM. You are welcome to skate alone and you can rent skates by the ice skating rink.

  • NOTE! There is a maximum of 110 people allowed on the skating rink at a time. The skating rink is not staffed, so be watch your children a you are responsible for them. Remember to show consideration as there must be room for both the big and the small on the ice. Tivoli leases a limited number of helmets and skates in sizes 29-46. Guests are welcome to use their own helmets and skates on the skating rink. Price for skate rental: 30 kr. or 1 ticket. Cash payment and credit card accepted.

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