Refresh Your Life In Copenhagen This Spring!

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Thrive! Copenhagen

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kvarterhuset, Sundby Bibliotek Kulturhuset

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM


Life brings many discoveries, challenges, creations, and thrills. We must take certain journeys at certain ages and if we are prepared for them, we have smooth transitions instead of crises. We come to one crossroad at the ages of 28-30, another at 37-45, another at 49-51 and another at 56-60. We evolve, we get unstuck, we become the best of ourselves.

Thrive! COPENHAGEN will empower you to accomplish this in your life.

This is uniquely-designed program resulting from years of research and client work. This program is your opportunity to experience breakthroughs in your life and live an integrated life (physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally). You will also earn how to deal with power, money and wellbeing in order to thrive in life.

You Will Learn:

  • 4 major lifespan periods (ages 28-60)
  • 4 early midlife journeys (ages 37-45)
  • How to have breakthroughs at any age
  • The value of purpose and passion
  • The power of the Dragon
  • Creativity as a manifestation tool


Wisdom and Wellbeing

Barrett Clemmensen Powell,  a Breakthrough Specialist has partnered with other professionals to bring you insight, information and interactive integration of all you need to transform your life.

During the workshop in beautiful glass-walled Salen in Kvarterhuset in Amager, you will learn about the transitions and journeys we take at the four stages of our lives and how we can manifest them into positive, life-affirming stages.

You will be challenged to push beyond Janteloven and the imitations you have arranged for yourself.

Be aware that this is an interactive workshop, so besides the presentation sessions this English language workshop involves one or more of the following: Tai Chi, Hatha yoga, Zumba™ Fitness, meditation and creative vision work. You will not be simply sitting in a chair and taking notes! Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack is also included.

Special Offers

Book: If you live in Denmark, you can purchase the e-book edition of Barrett’s  book “Midlife Opportunity: Power, Money and Wellbeing in Your Late 30s and Early 40s” at a 50% discount on right now. You can also purchase the paperback. The e-book price is now 69,95 DKK

Here are the links:

Midlife Opportunity E-book OR Midlife Opportunity Paperback

Earlybird Discount: Pay only 1300 DKK when you register by September 2, 2014

Thrive! COPENHAGEN facilitators:


Barrett Clemmensen Powell, Breakthrough Specialist, Lifespan Consultant and Author

Julie Vogelsberger

Julie Vogelsberger, Yoga instructor


Cindy Diaz Eriksen, Zumba™ Fitness intructor