8 Danish Designs Not to Miss in Copenhagen

Whether decorating your home or your body, it is always a great feeling to know you are getting a high quality product. When you visit Copenhagen we can create an itinerary that is an entire day (or two) of Danish design. There are so many Danish design products that can help you adorn your home or your body, or simply delight your eyes, if you have an interest in exploring Copenhagen streets. Here are some items we can help you find on a Danish design shopping trip in Copenhagen:

1. Georg Jensen

Shiny, shiny, gorgeous, high quality and elegant silver products! This is considered a luxury lifestyle brand of silverware infused with a Danish sense of style. The flagship store is on Strøget in Copenhagen and they have a small shop inside Tivoli near the front entrance.  


2. Royal Copenhagen

This is a wonderful shop! This has been representing high-end Danish design since 1775. Distinctive blue and white porcelain design. At their shop and welcome centre on Amagertorv, Copenhagen, you can see films and antiques, as well as current bestsellers and Christmas plates from 1908 onwards. Their old factory in Frederiksberg is now their factory outlet.



3. Malene Birger

Clothing designed by the woman dubbed as MTV’s Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen, Malene Birger. She uses a basis of strong graphics, contrasts and silhouettes in a mix of classic and contemporary designs. You can find her shop in Copenhagen at Antonigade 10.


4. Trollkugler (Trollsbeads)

Started in 1976, Trollkugler is also a family jewelry business and has a shop in Tivoli Gardens as well as at Østergade 17 in Højbro Plads on Strøget in Copenhagen. They use 18-carat gold, sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, and precious stones. The story of Trollbeads started in 1976 in Denmark. The first bead was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 “Troll” faces. It was designed by Søren “Silversmith” Nielsen and sold from his father Svend’s jewelry shop in central Copenhagen. Later, glass, gold, gemstones and pearl beads were introduced and new locks were designed making it possible to add or remove beads and experiment with different combinations. They have been exhibited at Sculpture Objects & Functional Art in Chicago and New York.


5. Pandora

Charm bracelets. An international success story about how a selection of 600 charms, in various combinations of wood and glass, gold, silver, cut in intricate shapes and designs, ibued with precious gems or semi-precious stones, transformed a family run Copenhagen jewelry store into a multibillion-dollar international brand.Blockbuster international success as a jewelry brand



6. Ecco

Sold in 90 countries worldwide, this Danish shoe brand began in the 1960s. Comfortable and yet stylish, they have been featured in shops since the 1960s.Denmark’s biggest shoe brand, Ecco, has been designing shoes since the 60s. Blending comfort and beauty in a shoe seems to be no problem for this company!


7. LEGO®

They are not just for children anymore! These building bricks have delighted people for decades and inspired copycat (and pirated) designed in other parts of the world. You can build anything with Legos. Yes, anything! You can also visit the Lego factory at Billund, but there is a store on Strøget shopping street in Copenhagen.


8. Poul Henningsen

You have likely seen the PH-5 lamp and Artichoke lamp on the television series “The Bridge”. Designer lighting and lamps is a Danish specialty. Poul Henningsen designed these in the 1950s and they hav ebecome timeless functional works of art. Find them in the Louis Poulsen Showroom on Gammel Strand, Copenhagen.