4 Great Outdoor Places to Enjoy a Drink in Copenhagen


It is a great place to sit and have a beer or glass of wine and perhaps some tasty food: You get all this and a great people-watching opportunity, too.







The Royal Dance Theatre’s Café Ofelia

It is a stunningly cool place to sit in chair or lay back on an oversized pillow chair and sip a cool drink on Copenhagen harbor.

cafeofelia-1 cafeofelia-2







Den Sorte Diamante

Grab a cool drink and some snacks from the café inside and enjoy the sunshine in a lounge deck chair on Copenhagen harbor.








Café Kreutzberg

Located on Strædet, parallel to Strøget pedestrian shopping street, Strædet has some wonderful cafes on it with umbrella’shaded table and less crowds.










Copenhagen Affordable, Hearty Breakfast #1

Den Franske Café

Weekend Brunch

Sundays are great for three things: a morning spent worshiping together with others of like mind in the same spiritual community, visiting relatives and friends, and brunch.

There are many tasty options for Sunday brunch in Copenhagen and one delicious one I urge you to try on a visit to Denmark’s capital city (or if you live in Copenhagen), is Den Franske Café. Continue reading

Copenhagen is Mocca Mad

Sometimes you just gotta have it, even when you are on the run. Fresh vegetables and food you can really sink your teeth into — food you know will fill your stomach. I do not want a light helping of sprouts, some wheatgrass, a tomato and a few pieces of spinach or lettuce. I want FOOD that fills me AND is healthy. One of my favorite take-out places in Copenhagen that satisfies my vegetable and my meat cravings, is Moccas Mad by the inner city lakes. Continue reading