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barrplAs you may or may not know, Copenhagen Concierge began as a culture project I began over a decade ago, because it combines my passion for traveling and having adventures in foreign lands with my personal mission:  to build bridges between people and across cultures. 

After years of offering a concierge travel service taking family, friends and family friends on tours of Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen and nearby Sweden, I have decided to formally make the leap and offer it to everyone. I am shifting it over from the Humanity Institute website and moving all related posts and information to this site.

I have been greatly encouraged in this entrepreneurial venture by family and friends for several years and most recently by a new client and friend, Kim Orlando, aka “Travelmom”. You can follow her on Twitter @KimOrlando

I have often seen tourists in Denmark asking strangers for help and not receiving directions or getting wrong directions. Other times I have witnessed them struggling with maps and wondering aloud what they can see. I have seen children impatiently trying to endure their parent’s confusion and indecision about where to go next, how to get there and whether they had enough time. I have seen people returning to their hostel in the evening having missed some great Copenhagen sights and events during the day. I have met many who did not know of the wonderful day trips they could have taken around Denmark and nearby Sweden. As any good entrepreneur would do, when I saw a need, I jumped to meet it. The solution to all these situations is Copenhagen Concierge.

I do not like to waste time or miss great opportunities. I greatly enjoy helping and serving other people. I have a passion for travel and life in foreign lands and other cultures. I am a keen observer of people. I also choose to surround myself with high quality gentlemen and gentlewomen, fun families and people who are open to other cultures ad peoples. Copenhagen Concierge is my offering to these high quality people who desire and highly prize the ability to maximize their time and create optimal experiences and great memories while visiting Copenhagen. You can even use this service to create experiences outside Copenhagen in other parts of Denmark, as well as in Sweden. Contact me if you have any questions. If you are ready to make the most of your time, have great experiences and let me take care of the details, Copenhagen Concierge is for you.



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    • Please send an email to info(at)cphconcierge.com to be more specific about what you are seeking. We are already rather booked for the late spring and summer season.

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