Organic, Cheap AND Tasty?! Manfreds!

Photo: Per-Anders Jürgensen

Photo: Per-Anders Jürgensen


Can gourmet food be organic?

And inexpensive?


Manfreds is the little sister restaurant to the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæe. If you are watching your pennies, er, kroner, you will want to skip the big fanfare and get the SAME food at Manfreds that you can get an Relæe at a fraction of the price.

The menu changes daily depending on which raw ingredients are being served. The philosophy is that food must be organic, mindful of animal welfare and local. I like that. When you choose local fruits, vegetables, meats etc, you get fresh food.

It is a small intimate space so you will find yourself “cozied” up on others n your party or maybe the party near you, but it is not at all uncomfortable that the tables are close together. Sharing dishes is the intention. That won’t cost you much — you can get seven (7) courses for 250 DKK.

They have a large selection of natural wines.

Make a reservation or take your chances on getting one of the 20 seats at the bar.

LUNCH 12- 3:30
DINNER 5:30 – 10
+ 45 3696 6593